Némethy camp in The Netherlands

Némethy camp in The Netherlands

The Hungarian horseback archery trainer Christoph Némethy is coming to The Netherlands for a training camp. The plan is to have him over in the weekend of 20-21 july at our location in Kaatsheuvel.

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For all levels

We welcome participants from all levels. In order to participate, you have to have experience with archery or horsebackriding. If you haven’t combined these two,we recommend to participate in our group lessons or take a private lesson first. That way you won’t have to learn the basics during the weekend. If needed, we can equip you with a horsebow and arrows during the weekend.


The plan now is to start each day at 10.00 o clock with roughly one hour of training on foot. We then divide the participants in two groups, where one group is trained on foot while the other group is trained on horseback. After roughly one hour the groups switch.


This is followed by a lunch break and then we repeat the program: training on foot and in two groups we train on the horse.

Food and sleep

We will take care of the lunch and the dinner on saturday, on sunday we will take care of breakfast and lunch. You can sleep at our parents (in law) that live at a 5 minute drive from the training location.

About Christoph Némethy

Christoph Némethy is extremely driven to make horsebackarchery a bigger sport and he trains his students at a beautiful training location in Pomáz, Hungay. His students perform excellent at international competitions.

Last year Christoph organised the first World Cup from the International Horseback Archery Alliance and it was a great succes. Although he was extremely busy with the organisation during the WC, he still managed to place second. His students Levi Maucha and Agy Maucha (brother and sister) respectively placed first in the senior category and the junior category.


The costs for participation:

1 day


With own horse (including paddock and hay)


One time on a rented horse


Two times on a rented horse


Only on foot


2 days


With own horse (including paddock and hay)


One time a day on a rented horse


Two times a day on a rented horse


Only on foot


Prices include foot trainings, sleeping over, lunch and dinner on saturday and breakfast and lunch on sunday.


The camp can only go on if there’s enough interest in it. Therefore we hope enough people will apply. We hope to make clear if the camp can go on 2,5 weeks in advance.


You can no longer apply for the camp. All places are taken. If you would like to be informed when we plan the next camp, please sign up for our newsletter!


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